Thursday, February 16, 2006


Diet In Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which there is generalized accumulation of excess fat in the body causing more than 20% of increase in the desirable body weight.

Meal Pattern/Management :
*Small frequent meals of normal consistency and palatibility should be consumed.
*Inclusion of whole cereals,legumes and pulses increases the fiber content in diet, which provides bulk to the food but has low calorific value.
*It is a better idea to have small meals at regular intervals as fewer calories are burnt immediately without being deposited in the body as fats.
On the contrary, large meals supply more calories at a time which are not used immedietly by the body and hence gets deposited as fats.
*Eating without hunger or eating when too hungry should be avoided since both conditions increases food intake.
*Eating speed should be maintained slow as this regulates the food intake and gives higher satisfaction.
*The urge to nibble snacks in-between meals is to be curbed!!

Free foods :
Foods that can be consumed frely include-
*Green leafy vegetables.
*Lean meat, fish, poultry (in moderation!!).
*Artificial sweetners.
*Thin plain soups.
*Other vegetables.
*Fruits - water melon, orange, pear.
*Skimmed milk.

Restricted foods :
Can be consumed but in limited quantity only or once a forthnight.
*Radish, Turnip, Onion, Carrots.
*Potato, Yam, Sweet potato.
*Fruits - Banana, Chickoo, Custard apple, Mango, Grapes, Dates.
*Dry fruits.
*Fats and oils.
*Fatty fish.
*Egg white.
*Jaggery is preferable to sugar.
*Fruit Juices.

Foods to be avoided :
*Oil seeds
*Thick creamed soups
*Butter, ghee, mayonnaise.
*Cottage cheese (paneer)
*Whole milk/full cream milk.
*Egg yellow
*Carbonated bevrages, alcohol, malted drinks.

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